//CBB Review – Adventures in Assisi: On The Path with St. Francis

CBB Review – Adventures in Assisi: On The Path with St. Francis

Author Amy Welborn and illustrator Ann Engelhart have teamed up once again for another children’s book worth checking out. Adventures in Assisi: On the Path with St. Francis joins cousins Gianna and Lorenzo as they spend the day touring Assisi with their uncle, Brother Antonio. He takes the two young children throughout the city to see many sites . At the end of the book your child will have discovered numerous places of significance in the life of St. Francis.

They visit the chapel where Francis was baptized, San Damiano the chapel he rebuilt, as well as the tomb of this great saint to name a few. Throughout the numerous site visits Brother Antonio tells the story of the life of Francis. As with most children, the pair were not very happy to be on this “educational” tour but by the end of the day they were soaking it all in and even a bit remorseful for the complaining they had been doing earlier.

By the end of this book your children will have a good understanding of the town of Assisi and Saint Francis’ place in it. Amy Welborn masterfully uses the story of an Uncle watching his niece and nephew to teach kids about one of our most well known saints. Ann Englehart’s illustrations as always are a welcome companion to Amy’s words. We did however discover that our younger children would have benefited from a bit of background on Francis before diving into this book. Older children will handle it just fine.


We received a copy of the book for this review from the publisher, Franciscan Media.

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