//CBB Review – Angel in the Waters

CBB Review – Angel in the Waters

Laura is back with a review of another great book for the little ones.

Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman with pictures by Ben Hatke is a best-selling book that has been in paperback since 2004. Recently, Sophia Institute Press has proudly released its hardcover 10thanniversary edition. This is a beautiful book that children will just absolutely love. They cannot help but be drawn into it because it is a story of themselves! It is the story of the beginning of every human life – a life beginning in the womb of his mother.

The story is written from the point-of-view of the baby. The baby tells of what his senses are experiencing, all the while, talking to an angel who is there with him. The reader watches the baby sleep, grow, swim, and learn from his angel. He learns of the other world and how very soon he will go there. Eventually, he sees the light, and now instead of being wrapped in water, the baby is wrapped in the love of his Mother. This world is different and he can no longer see his angel, however he knows his angel is still there.

I purchased the paperback edition of this book many years ago when we were expecting our third, hoping to help the older siblings understand what was going on inside mommy’s belly. It’s been a favorite in my house ever since. This moving book is sure to bring tears to the eyes of many adults and capture the heart of many children. Something about babies always appeals to young children (and adults) and this book is an exceptional way foster that love long before they hear of the terror of abortion. In addition, the illustrations are superb! Together the author and illustrator have brought together a priceless gem that will assistance children for years to come in understanding how precious life is from the very beginning.


We received a copy of the book for this review from the publisher Sophia Institute Press.

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