//CBB Review – Lenten studies from Catholic Scripture Study International

CBB Review – Lenten studies from Catholic Scripture Study International

Catholic Scripture Study International has a wide range of Faith studies and Bible Studies. The more of them I review the more I like the product CSS is putting out. This time around I am reviewing two Lenten related studies. The first is Jesus’ Passion: The Story of Redemptive Suffering. The second is The Road to Redemption a study for Cycle B.

css_jesus_passion_studylJennifer Phelps is the author of Jesus’ Passion: The Story of Redemptive Suffering. This particular study does not have a dedicated DVD set as with other CSS products however it is geared for use with Mel Gibson’s ­The Passion of Christ. The layout of this five lesson study is as follows:

Lesson 1: Agony in the Garden You will watch from the opening of the film to just after Mary says, “So be it.”

Lesson 2: The Son of Man before the Chief Priest You will watch from Pilate standing with a scroll to Jesus being taken from Herod’s court.

Lesson 3: ‘What is Truth’ You will watch from Pilate and his wife discussing truth to Pilate washing his hands and saying, “Do as you wish.”

Lesson 4: Via Dolorosa: The Way of Suffering You will watch from the Roman centurion riding away from Pilate to the flashback of Jesus saying, “No one comes to the Father but by me.”

Lesson 5: Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection You will watch from Mary Magdalene burying her head in her hands to the end of the movie.

The Passion of Christ is a powerful enough film on its own but tied to this study it really brings it to a new level.

From the publisher:

It examines the Scriptural basis of Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ, and looks at how this powerful portrayal of the suffering and death of Jesus relates to the Bible and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
Designed to be used alone or in conjunction with the movie, Jesus’ Passion is suitable for individual or group study. If used in conjunction with a DVD of the movie, the study book includes instructions about how to do this, including where to stop the movie each week to correspond to the lesson.

css_lent_b_studyLent: The Road to Redemption is a study based on the Cycle B readings. This study features an accompanying DVD set featuring lectures by Father Mitch Pacwa. This particular study is a six week course. I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that if used for independent study you certainly do not have to wait a week between lessons. The lessons are as follows:

Week 1: Into the Desert

Week 2: Foretaste of the Kingdom

Week 3: Time to Clean House

Week 4: The Depth of God’s Love

Week 5: The Coming of Jesus’ Hour

Week 6: Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

From the publisher:

Every year on the first Sunday of Lent, the Gospel reading is about Jesus’ going off to the wilderness, or desert, for forty days. On Ash Wednesday, we begin our own forty days in the desert. This penitential season of Lent is an intense time of spiritual renewal. The Church especially invites us to pray, fast and give alms as means of expressing our utter dependence on God who through the waters of Baptism shares His very life with us.

Both studies follow the same basic framework. After a brief Introduction you are presented with Scripture readings related to the current lesson. These are followed by in depth Points to Ponder that drill deep into study of the verses you just read. Cathechism Connections tie the teachings of the Church to what you have just read. The messages of the Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI are included in the Road to Home section. Each lesson closes with a number of Study Questions. In the back of the guide are suggested responses for the questions.

As I continue to review more of the Catholic Scripture Study International line I become more impressed. The studies are easily adapted for group or individual use. Each study is professionally laid out in a spiral bound book. Within each lesson is plenty of room for taking notes. These are two great studies for Lent and I look forward to checking out more of what CSS has to offer.


If you are interested in purchasing either of these studies or any others Catholic Scripture Study International offers visit their website at http://www.cssprogram.net/ When ordering let CSS know that Pete Socks, The Catholic Book Blogger sent you and receive 10% off your order.

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