//CBB Review: Autumn Meditations

CBB Review: Autumn Meditations

autumn_meditations_spotlightOne of my favorite things this year has been the passing of the seasons. However, my reasoning is likely not what you might expect to hear. As certainly as the seasons have passed from spring, to summer, to winter we have been blessed with a series of meditation books from Father John Bartunek. I have reviewed Spring MeditationsSummer Meditations and now we have Autumn Meditations.

As with the other installments in the series this book contains twelve chapters. Ideally structured for meditation for each week of the season, don’t let that stop you from starting the book at any time and progress through it at your own speed. The twelve topics for reflection during the autumn season are: Trust, Joy, Acceptance, Faithfulness, Elegance, Gratitude, Sadness, Friendship, Sacredness, Balance, Wisdom and Detachment.

As summer fades to fall we are called to pause once more and reflect. DO we take the time to drink in the beauty of falls colors? Do we prepare for a cold winter? Do we take the time to SLOW down and look inward? That is what I love about this books so much.  Father Bartunek draws us into the rhythms of the season causing us to drink deeply of what God has so graciously given us.

The following paragraph from the first chapter of the book I feel sets the tone for what is to come. “Like spring, autumn is a transitional season. As we enjoy the fruits of summer, we have a chance to look back on those months and evaluate them with the luxury of hindsight. Through that lens, we can see that all those summer storms, challenges and crises, as real as they were, couldn’t hold back the steady maturing and unfolding of the fruits of the earth. The power of life and the guidance of providence, as subtle, mundane and unobtrusive as they so often seem, are dependable. We can count on them. We can have confidence on them.”

The point of this series is clear…unplug. Simply unplug from the digitally driven world around you and focus on your inner spiritual self. If only for a brief 5 – 10 minutes a day; do it. Take the opportunity to bask in the richness of God’s creation and pause. We are so often caught up in the rat race of life that we simply miss opportunities before us to strengthen our relationship with our Creator. “As our schedules fill up, we remain in constant motion. We have to make space for time to reflect on our faith or it will get lost in the din.”

Take advantage of the fall season this year to embark on seasonal meditations that will build your faith and fortify your soul. Father Bartunek has provided yet another fantastic resource to aid us on our spiritual journey as we walk through the seasons of the year…and the seasons of our lives.

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