//CBB Review: A Daily Defense

CBB Review: A Daily Defense

a_daily_defense_spotlightHave you ever had someone ask you a question about the Catholic faith and you did not know how to respond? Perhaps you thought you had a good answer but you were afraid you might be wrong so you chose not to discuss it? There is a new book out and it does an excellent job arming readers with the info they need to be better informed about the faith and better equipped to defend it. The book is called A Daily Defense: 365 Days ( plus one) to Becoming a Better Apologistand author Jimmy Akin has crafted a valuable tool to help readers defend the Catholic faith.

As the title suggests, the book is a daily reader compiled of 365 challenges one might hear from non-Catholics. The information is provided in short but valuable snippets that will take an average reader about five minutes to read. Jimmy explains each entries layout in the introduction:

“Each page is devoted to a single challenge, which is posed at the top of the page in the CHALLENGE section. The DEFENSE section that follows contains a brief summary of what you can say in response. Obviously, there is much more that can be said on each subject, but here we will cover the highlights – the key talking points. In some cases, there will also be a TIP, which will frequently be a recommendation for a book where you can learn more.”

When we are faced with questions of the faith they may come in different forms. Sometimes, they come totally unexpectedly. Other times we may be discussing a topic relative to the faith and the course of conversation leads to questioning. Not only that but the topics we could face are extremely wide ranging. Just to give you a flavor of what is in the book here are a sampling of the topics covered:

Abortion, baptism, confession, confirmation, divorce, evolution, free will, holy orders, magisterium, predestination, science, sola scriptura and theosis. These are merely a sampling of the topics covered, which I would like to add are extensive.

The book can be used two ways. Firstly, you can use it as a daily reader. It can be picked up at any time of the year. The entries are given day numbers instead of dates to facilitate this practice. Committing to a reading a daily entry will serve a valuable purpose in that you will build your own knowledge of the faith. This will serve a key point of evangelization and that is the evangelization of yourself before going out to evangelize the immediate world around you. Secondly, there is an index in the back of the book that will be useful when searching for specific topics when situations arise needing research.
Jimmy Akins book A Daily Defense is an invaluable tool that every Catholic should have in their libraries. Pick it up once a day perhaps before breakfast or before going to bed. Include it in the time you set aside each day for prayer. Spending just five minutes a day with this book will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively defend the faith.

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