//CBB Review – Fearless: Conquer Your Demons and Love with Abandon

CBB Review – Fearless: Conquer Your Demons and Love with Abandon

fearless_spotlightReview by Michele Craig

“Satan and the demons may be implicated in all the disasters and woes of human life, at least as far as they are related to sin, but the biblical record makes it perfectly evident that Satan’s power exists principally in his supreme ability to hide and deceive.” So says author Sonja Corbitt in her new book Fearless: Conquer Your Demons and Love with Abandon.

“Sound frightening?” asks Sonja. “ It need not; I promise to show you why in the coming chapters. In fact, I am rubbing my hands together in anticipation! I believe these biblical principles are some of the most surprising and important you will ever learn and periodically review in your life with God.”

Sonja moves us from fear to faith as she explains how “the activity of Satan in our lives is yoked to sin.” She cites many reliable sources- for example: “Pope Benedict XVI goes so far as to call us all common exorcists!” He says “The Christian can see that his task as exorcist must regain the importance it had when the faith was at the beginning. Of course, the word ‘exorcism’ must not be understood here in its technical sense; it simply refers to the attitude of faith as a whole, which ‘overcomes the world’ and ‘casts out’ the prince of this world. In unity with Jesus, and with fear of God, the devil is easily defeated.”

Looking for another reason to read Holy Scripture daily? Sonja has one! “Did you know that the scriptures are the only offensive weapon the Bible explicitly prescribes in the battle against Satan? I intend to arm you to the hilt with verses until you can murmur them in your sleep, until they spring readily to mind in the midst of your battles.”

Our battles? Yes. Our constant day by day and even minute by minute battles with sin. “Sin separates us from others, because it causes breaches in our important relationships that make intimacy and community difficult or impossible. Our sin affects other this way, and other’s sin affects us this way.”

She explains: “As I experienced the power of the scriptures in overcoming temptation and sin, I became almost overwhelmed with thanksgiving for God’s mercy in redeeming fallen man when he did not redeem fallen angels, and for the magnitude of the help he has provided for us.”

“God treats us better than we deserve by refusing to abandon us to the painful tragedies of sin.” Where others wonder why so much sin and pain exists in the world, Sonja Corbitt asks “…In the face of all the injustices and indignities I personally inflict against him, myself, and other people, why does God treat me with grace?”

Above all else, Sonja asks us to remember, “The deeper the abyss of need, the more of God you get. The Giver is all you need.” Yes…and we need to read this book to be reminded!

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