//An Every Developing Journey to God

An Every Developing Journey to God

our-journey-to-god-spotlightWe are all on a journey to Christ. Each of us gets there in our own fashion and on our own time schedule. For some, there is the hurdle of realizing we need that relationship to begin with. For others, it’s just figuring out how to get there. In his latest book Our Journey to God: An African Priest Explores the Power of faith from Abraham to You, Father Maurice Emelu explores how the faith of various biblical figures evolved and relates their journeys to our own.

In effect, what we are presented with is a roadmap for the journey of faith lives. Father Maurice explains how there are four main stages to this journey as he describes below.

  • A sense of appreciation and wonder for our environment – the beautiful and complex physical world and creatures
  • Knowledge of God through the natural light of human reason
  • Knowledge of God through revelations and by faith
  • The life of faith – a personal response to God in a relationship

These stages happen in no particular order. In fact, as Father Emelu points out, they ebb and flow together working as a cohesive unit as we discover the glory of God the Father throughout our lives.

Father Emelu is a wonderful writer. He bridges two cultures and in doing so takes the best of both worlds and offers a spectacular book. Drawing upon his West African roots and combining that with his Western worldview he offers a unique perspective on the faith. A welcome perspective for our troubled times.

The answer to our divided society and divided culture is spelled with five simple letters f-a-i-t-h. We need faith in a creator greater than ourselves. Faith in a reality that things can be better, that things WILL be better.

Take this opportunity to be enriched as Father Emelu walks readers through the journey of faith utilizing two bookends of the Bible, Abraham and Mary. Two giants that are exemplary sample of faith. An unfailing faith that leans heavily on the goodness of God. Examples of whom we should strive to follow.

To learn more about Father Maurice Emelu and his work, visit his website.

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