//Off the Shelf 045 with Bradley Hahn – Solidarity HealthShare

Off the Shelf 045 with Bradley Hahn – Solidarity HealthShare

episode-045-bradley-hahnBradley Hahn is a deeply committed Catholic who helped found Solidarity HealthShare as a means for Catholic Americans to have an ethical and affordable way to pay for medical care costs. Bradley is a Phoenix-based attorney who regularly consults on end-of-life issues as they relate to Catholic social doctrine. He assists in a variety of Arizona Catholic charities, including the Catholic Community Foundation for the Diocese of Phoenix. He speaks at churches and conferences throughout the U.S. on religious liberty, conscience issues as they relate to health care, and other bioethical decision-making issues important to the Catholic faith.

On this episode we discuss Solidarity HealthShare’s ethical and morally acceptable alternative to traditional healthcare. We talk about what healthshare plans are, how they work and what exactly they provide. Brad points out that healthsharing was in existence as far back as the early Christians and like many concepts dating back to those days, we likely should have never turned from them. Listen to this episode of Off the Shelf and see how Solidarity HealthShare just might benefit you. Learn more by visiting SolidarityHealthshare.org.

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