//Time to loosen some knots

Time to loosen some knots

tied-in-knots-spotlightDo you find yourself struggling in life? Do the problems you encounter at work and home seem almost insurmountable to you? Do you find it hard to believe that there is any way to untangle the mess around you? Greg Willits comes to the rescue with his new book Tied in Knots: Finding Peace in Today’s World. By sharing the experiences in his own life, Greg shows that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how messy and tangled those knots you find in your life seem to be.

As you sit down to read this book, you likely see the knots in your life as a curse. However, they can be a great blessing. At your lowest low, at your greatest point of despair and worry that likely sounds like the most ridiculous this you have ever heard. Greg is effectively showing us how this is possible.

“No matter the malady, there is hope and peace, if you know where and how to look. Peace in today’s world is possible. And, unbelievably, that knot you may be experiencing may be the very key to unlocking that peace.”

We all seem to lead lives filled with hustle and bustle. The technology that has advanced us so far has also contributed to the harried lifestyle we live. Our schedules are packed and the desire to squeeze a to-do-list of 30-hours of work into a 24-hour day does not help. These are HUGE knots. Greg experienced these when attempting to organize the first Catholic New Media Conference. A huge undertaking that Greg undertook down to the finest detail……on his own. All of the related planning stress led to a health scare that put the brakes on the overzealous planning. This is just one example of what Greg shares in the book.

There are many personal stories that Greg shares throughout this book. He didn’t have to by any means. The fact that he did is his gift to the reader. His experiences are relatable, and he builds a strategy within the pages of the book that he has learned in his own life. Greg openly admits he is no expert and he still stumbles and falls to this day. But we all will until we draw our last breath.

Pick up this book and learn how to identify the knots in your life. Once you put your finger on the pain points causing your worry and stress, you will be able to create an enact a concrete plan for finding joy and peace in your life. What does that plan include you might ask? Prayer is the cornerstone to overcoming the knots in our life. More specifically the companionship of the ultimate undoer of knots, Mary.

Most of all this book is filled with hope. Life is a challenge; it certainly is no walk in the park. Our inherent reaction if to worry and stress over the obstacles that pop up in our lives. Despite this, there is that hope that resides in the fact that we are each unique creations of God. The reality is that we are loved equally by our Creator, and no knot can be created that is greater than that love or that cannot be untied. Greg is the companion that shows us how to find the peace we desire in this spectacular book.

To learn more about the book listen to my interview with Greg on Off the Shelf 046 with Greg Willits.

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