//Off the Shelf 049 with Phillip Campbell – Heroes and Heretics

Off the Shelf 049 with Phillip Campbell – Heroes and Heretics


Phillip Campbell holds a BA in European History from Ave Maria University and a certificate in Secondary Education through Madonna University. He taught history and Scripture for the St. Augustine Homeschool Enrichment Program for ten years. Mr. Campbell is the author of the popular ” Story of Civilization” series by TAN Books. He recently joined the Catholic History Textbook Project. Mr. Campbell’s writings have appeared in the St. Austin Review and The Distributist Review. He is also the star of the YouTube sensation History in a Minute. Mr. Campbell served as the Mayor of Howell, MI from 2011 to 2015 and has been involved in homeschooling for more than 15 years. Campbell is currently an instructor with Homeschool Connections where he teaches an online course about the ins and outs of the Protestant Reformation, or as he likes to call it, the Protestant Revolt. To learn more, visit www.rendingofchristendom.info/.

To lead this episode off, Philip and I discuss his latest book Heroes and Heretics from Tan Books. In this book Phillip takes a look at some well-known and lesser know characters of the Reformation. On the second half of the show we talk about The Story of Civilization, the AWESOME homeschool study series written by Phillip and from Tan Books as well. A complete resource for teaching history this series is currently at Volume 2 with an overarching plan of a 4 volume series. It includes book, audio and video resources for teaching world history from a Catholic perspective.

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