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Off the Shelf 057 with Brian Engelland – Force for Good

Off the Shelf 057 with Brian Engelland – Force for Good

On this episode of Off the Shelf, Brian and I discuss the business world and how to be Christian players within it. In the world of business life can be a cut throat climb to the top. Once that great plateau is reached it is often filled with remorse for the actions taken to get there and an emptiness because the achievement in the end was not really as satisfying as it was assumed it would be. In his book Force for Good: The Catholic Guide to Business Integrity Brian lays out a vision for how business owners and executives can approach their business decisions, employees, and customers with integrity. What is the driving principal behind business? How does Catholic social doctrine impact business decisions? What should one consider to make ethical business decisions? Learn how on this episode of Off the Shelf.

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From the Publisher Sophia Institute Press

These pages show you how to infuse integrity into your business and why it is so essential to success. You will learn not only the responsibilities you have to your employees, to your customers, and to society in general, but also why you must fulfill these responsibilities to remain competitive. In short, you’ll learn how to do the right thing in business, and how to do it the right way.

From Force for Good you’ll learn:

  • The one principal concern of business (Hint: it’s not profit)
  • The particular virtues you must have to run a good business
  • What natural law is and how it applies to business
  • The 3 elements of business integrity
  • The 4 core principles of Catholic social doctrine that render even very competitive businesses humane
  • The 6 things you must consider when making ethical decisions
  • The 10 steps you must take now to develop integrity in your business

These helpful pages include, as well:

  • Scriptural support for Catholic Social Doctrines related to business
  • Dozens of quotes from papal encyclicals about business
  • Many real-life examples from real businesses, successful and not
  • Plus, much more to make you a better person and your business a better business!


Dr. Brian Engelland is Associate Dean of the School of Business and Economics, the Edward J. Pryzbyla Chair of Business and Economics, and Ordinary Professor of Marketing. He teaches market research, market strategy and other marketing electives in support of the BSBA and MSBA degrees. Prior to becoming an academic, he was a product development executive and served in a series of leadership positions for two Fortune 500 corporations. Later, he became president of a marketing consultancy agency, Engelland and Associates, which helped clients successfully introduce new products and services.

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