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The Complete Illuminated Rosary

The Complete Illuminated Rosary

If you have ever sat down to pray the Rosary with young children, you know how challenging it can be. Though we try to coax kids into sitting piously in prayer it never fails that they have moments of “squirreldom”. “Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with……..I need a drink.” Sound familiar?

Thankfully, there is a resource available that will draw your children into the rosary. From the publisher, Gracewatch Media comes The Complete Illuminated Rosary. It is an absolutely, a beautiful volume containing artwork that serves as an alternative of sorts for typical rosary beads. Each bead of the rosary has an accompanying illustration. You read that correctly. I cannot begin to comprehend the amount of work it took to compile all the pieces of artwork used in this book. According to the Gracewatch Media website, the project entailed, “hundreds of hours of art selection and production work, and thousands of dollars in licensing fees”.

The Complete Illuminated Rosary

To give a feel for the book, let’s take a walk through one of the Mysteries. Every prayer of the rosary is included in large text so children can easily follow along or lead the rosary themselves. At the bottom of every page is a “string of beads” in the form of roses so that kids can keep track of the Hail Mary’s. As I mentioned above EVERY prayer has an accompanying piece of artwork. The artists used include Rembrandt, Murillo, Rubens, Delacroix, and other classical masters, along with contemporary artists such as Daniel Bonnell, Jen Norton, Michael McGrath, James Janknegt, Bradi Barth to name just a few.


The books are available in a number of formats. Single volume hardcover, Single volume softcover, and individual volumes for each of the mysteries. The single volume editions contain all four mysteries and are 370 pages in length. All formats measure 8 ½ x 11”.

I can attest that these books have made a difference in our family rosary time. Eight-year-old Maggie is engaged in the rosary like she never has been before. The pictures draw her in and hold her interest. The only downside…..five-year-old Isaac is now flying solo! Try incorporating these books into your family rosary time. You will not be disappointed. However, don’t be surprised if the adults in the room aren’t sneaking a peek at these books themselves!

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