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The Biblical Names of Jesus: Off the Shelf 104 with Paul Thigpen

The Biblical Names of Jesus: Off the Shelf 104 with Paul Thigpen

Off the Shelf 104 – Paul Thigpen

This week on Off the Shelf as we anticipate the birth of Jesus we take a look at some of the many names of Jesus in Scripture. Paul Thigpen joins me to discuss his book The Biblical Names of Jesus: Beautiful, Powerful Portraits of ChristFrom Lion of Judah to King of kings and everything in between, Paul covers many of the 100’s of names used to describe the Messiah on Scripture. Learn about the history to a few of them on this weeks episode.

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From the publisher TAN Books

From Alpha to Omega: An Examination of Christ in Scripture
Have you ever wondered why Jesus has so many names? It’s not an accident. Each one is invaluable in helping us to understand, as best we can, the full nature of Jesus Christ.
Paul Thigpen dives deep into Scripture from Genesis to Revelation to illuminate the many names of Jesus found therein and explain how each one reveals something new and essential about Our Lord.
The Biblical Names of Jesus is like no other book. It is an engrossing trek through Scripture spanning the entire Bible, focusing on the typologies of Jesus through 18 of his unique names. You will come away with a deeper knowledge of Christ, and a fuller understanding of how the whole of the Bible points toward Jesus.
With his expert, yet accessible prose, Paul Thigpen will help you:

•Deepen your understanding of Jesus through his more familiar titles, such as Christ, Lord, Savior, Son of God, and Son of Man.
•Ponder the life-changing beauty and mystery of less-familiar names such as the Bride¬groom, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Dawn from on High, Alpha and Omega…and how they show aspects of Jesus’ love for us, his Kingship, and His desire to lead us to heaven.
•Examine—like each brilliant facet of a diamond—the One who holds you in existence, and come to know Jesus better than ever before.

Uncover the types and prefigurements of Christ throughout Scripture…and take your personal relationship with Our Lord to a new level!


Paul Thigpen, is the best-selling author or co-author of forty-nine titles. Among his most popular books are Manual for Spiritual Warfare and The Rapture Trap: A Catholic Response to End Times Fever. A convert to the Catholic faith, Paul has served the Church as an award-winning journalist, historian, apologist, speaker, and member of the National Advisory Council of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. His work has been circulated worldwide and translated into fourteen languages.

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