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Search No More: The Keys to Truth and Happiness

Search No More: The Keys to Truth and Happiness

We are all on a quest. A journey to find what we are ultimately meant to be. A journey to discover how to fill the inherent inner longing for that one thing that we all feel. Some of us find what we are looking for sooner than others. We eventually realize what we yearned for was a personal on-on-one relationship with our Creator. Call him Abba, Father, or God….we long for Him. In Search No More: The Keys to Truth and Happiness Steve Hemler provides answers to the big questions in life that ultimately lead us to the goal.

In four parts Steve answers the following burning questions. I’ve included a brief commentary on each to offer a sense of what the book contains.

Why Aren’t We Happier? You’ll discover why earthly pursuits of fun, fame, and fortune lead to nothing more than an overwhelming sense of emptiness and how we can find true lasting happiness that comes only from God.

How Does Being a Christian Bring True Happiness? Steve looks at how being active in our faith builds up our self-worth and fulfills our five core needs of identity, security, belonging, purpose, and competence

Why Turn to God? See how when we turn to God in prayer and also in praise through the Mass we can make sense of our lives and purpose here on Earth, Remember out hearts will be restless until they find rest in God.

Is Jesus Truly God? Plenty of evidence exists in the Bible and beyond that shows that Jesus’ divinity was genuine as he claimed. Steve reveals a number of then that really limit our options to three things. That either Christ was  a liar, a lunatic, or truly the Son of God.

Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? Historical accounts prove this via the empty tomb and the eyewitness accounts of the Apostles.

Do Near-Death Experiences Reveal the Reality of Heaven and an Afterlife? Numerous accounts of near-death experiences have been documented and some are truly amazing. Steve guides readers through a number of these to prove that their indeed is a human soul and it can live without the body and in turn affirms the existence of an afterlife.

Why Were Christ’s Passion and Death Needed for Our Salvation? Jesus paid the ultimate price through his death in order to gain for us salvation. This act of mercy was the ultimate act of love that God could show give us.

How are We Saved? Steve outlines the three ways in which we are called to accept our gift of salvation. Faith, loving service to God, and receiving the sacraments.

Why Does the Church Still Matter Today? This is a tough question in light of the current news cycle. We need to remember why Jesus established the Church to carry out a mission and that nothing can truly out the brakes on that mission.

Why Go to Mass? Steve provides a “Top Ten” list of reasons as to why everyone of us should go to Mass regularly including fulfilling our Sunday and Holy Day obligation and beyond if we can.

What’s Next? Perhaps the ultimate question closes this book out. What are each of us called to do and how do we fulfill that calling?

Steve Hemler has written a must-read spiritual guide that provides answers to questions many of us have or have had on our spiritual journeys. We are all seekers and even if we have reached  appoint of contentment we still need a gentle reminder at times as to why we are here. Search No More provides the answers and makes an undeniably solid case as to why the key to everlasting truth and happiness lies with Jesus Christ and his Church. Read this book and search no more.

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