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Sunday Will Never Be The Same – Off the Shelf 122 with Dawn Eden Goldstein

Off the Shelf 122 – Dawn Eden Goldstein

Like most converts Dawn Eden Goldstein’s journey to the Catholic faith is an interesting one. On this week’s episode Dawn shares the long and winding road she traveled from Judaism to rock n’ roll journalist and one that eventually led her to the doorstep of the Catholic Church.  Hers is a fascinating story of trauma, healing, and faith that you won’t want to miss as we discuss her book Sunday Will Never Be the Same: A Rock & Roll Journalist Opens Her Ears to God.

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Love and beauty. From when she was a little girl, Dawn Eden Goldstein knew she wanted those things that in them, somehow, she would find God. But her life s search led her away from the temples of her childhood Judaism to the music clubs of Greenwich Village, where she became an acolyte of a new religion: rock & roll. Over the years she earned renown as a rock critic and historian, moving among some of popular music’s biggest names, all the while straining to capture that transcendent love and beauty in their every note and lyric.

Yet her longing only deepened; the hole in her heart only grew. God s voice was calling her, but first she needed ears to hear.
In Sunday Will Never Be the Same, Goldstein (The Thrill of the Chaste) recounts her spiritual journey in beautifully wrought detail, mixing powerful accounts of trauma, healing, and epiphany with funny and poignant anecdotes from inside the music scene. It is the rare conversion story that delights as it inspires, amuses as it edifies and ultimately lays before the reader a lived testimony to the transforming grace of Christ.


Dawn Eden Goldstein is the author of several popular books on Catholic faith and spirituality, including Sunday Will Never Be the Same, My Peace I Give You, and The Thrill of the Chaste. She began her writing career as a rock and roll historian, using the pen name Dawn Eden. In the 1990s, she contributed to Billboard, the Village Voice, Mojo, and Salon and co-wrote The Encyclopedia of Singles. She went on to work in editorial positions at the New York Post and the Daily News.

At the age of thirty-one, Goldstein, who was raised Jewish, experienced an encounter with the divine, which began a personal transformation that would eventually lead her to enter the Catholic Church. In 2016, she became the first woman to earn a doctorate in sacred theology from the University of St. Mary of the Lake. She is an assistant professor of dogmatic theology in the online division of Holy Apostles College and Seminary and lives in Washington, D.C.

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