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The Busy Person’s Guide to Prayer

Forgiveness Makes You Free

Prayer is easy if we take the time to do it and focus on the act itself. However, let’s face it, life is tough. We live in a world that tells us if we not constantly on the move or running from event to event we are doing life wrong. The church however tells us we need to slow down. What are we to do? Deacon Greg Kandra has written a little book that will help light the path towards a solid life of prayer. The Busy Person’s Guide to Prayer is a book you will greatly benefit from and one that will help you formulate a consistent prayer life.

Many of us make prayer a whole lot tougher than it really needs to be. The basic building block of a solid prayer life is a personal one-on-one relationship with God. That’s all he really wants. Our human-ness really complicates the matter however! Deacon Greg lays out a plan in The Busy Person’s Guide to Prayer using real-life examples to show just how easy the process can be. Each of the books thirteen chapters includes a “Consider This” section containing a quote from a saint and a brief section of input from common pray-ers like you and me. There’s a “Try This” section where Deacon Greg provides some actionable items to consider implementing in our own prayer lives. Concluding each chapter is a “Pray This” prayer that ties back to the topic of the chapter. Say this prayer and guess what? You’re praying already!

There are two things I really like about this book. First and foremost is how approachable this book is. There are some pretty deeply theological books available on the topic of prayer. This is not one of them. Instead what it is, and where Deacon Greg hits this one out of the park, is the down to earth writing it contains.

“I don’t intend to ladle out heavy theology or philosophy; I’m not going to be quoting exhaustively from encyclicals or treatises; I won’t be dissecting the mind of Aquinas. That’s not me. I’m just a writer, journalist, blogger, storyteller, preacher, husband, and deacon.”

You see Deacon Greg is one of us, a busy person still trying to make time to pray. If you are a busy person (who isn’t) than this book is for you. It lays out the steps to bringing a powerful prayer habit into your life that is nothing short of transforming. Remember….keep it simple.

“The best prayer is an act of boundless surrender and joy, communicating with god in a way that is unique, intimate, and utterly honest. It is an act of love. And at its root, it really should be deceptively, almost shockingly, simple.”

Do yourself a favor and take the first simple step to either implementing a prayer habit in your life or enhancing the one you may already have by getting this book. Deacon Greg packs a ton into this little 132 page book and we are all the better for it!

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