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To the Ends of the Earth: Action – Off the Shelf 124 with Mark McCann

Off the Shelf 124 – Mark McCann

Mark McCann returns this week to discuss the second book of his four book series To the Ends of the Earth. On Episode 115 we talked about Character, this time around we are discussing Action. When it comes to action most guys want to be known for jumping in to help, to save, to win! Being a Catholic man of action means so much more. Listen in as Mark and I discuss how we can draw our strength from the Sacraments so that we can be active followers of Christ who set out to evangelize the world.  This week’s title To the Ends of the Earth: Action can be found here.

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Most guys want to be known as men of action – jumping in to help, to save, to win.

But being a man of action means much more to Catholic men, because lives are at stake – ours and those of our family, friends, loved ones – for eternity. That sounds pretty serious. Maybe it seems like too much to bear.

In To the Ends of the Earth: Action, author Mark C. McCann shows that you can indeed be a true man of action. He breaks your call to action down into ten of the most fundamental principles of the Catholic Faith. You’ll learn how to draw strength from the Eucharist, the sacraments, sacrifice, prayer, and other men, so that you can live a life of boldness, carrying the truth of the Gospel to your world.

To the Ends of the Earth is a series of four ten-week studies for Catholic men. Each week includes a brief but meaty daily devotion, two or three reflection questions that become your action steps, and Scripture to use in prayer. This daily individual exercise (as well as optional journaling and weekly group discussions) provides the keys to unlock true transformation so you can become the man God made you to be.


Mark C. McCann is an author and Ministry Consultant with a BA in Theology from King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He has more than 30 years of experience in ministry to children, youth and families, In the past he has served as an Associate Director of Youth Ministry and Family Life Ministry for the Diocese of Norwich, CT, as well as a high school religious studies teacher and campus minister, a DRE, and a youth minister. Mark was also a Christian radio host and producer for 8 years at a small Christian radio station. He has written for a number of Catholic magazines and websites including St. Anthony Messenger, Emmanuel Magazine, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, and Catholic Exchange. He currently lives in Connecticut with his Proverbs 31 wife and three incredible children and lives out his call each day to be a man of words. His ministry website is www.wordsnvisions.com.

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