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Tools to Ready the Journey

Forgiveness Makes You Free

All right men listen up! (Oh and ladies with men in your lives let me have your ear as well) We have become weak, complacent, and in dire need of a wake up call. Society is pushing back on our roles as fathers, husbands, and leaders. It’s time for us to step up and fill the roles we were created to have. And guess what…..there’s a book for that. Ray Haywood has self-published a book that I’m here to tell you needs to get into the hands of every man, no matter what stage of their lives they find themselves. Tools to Ready the Journey: A Father’s Guide to a Faith-Filled Family is the name of the book. Read on to find out why I’m so supportive of this title.

What Ray Haywood has written is a battle guide. Seriously…I feel that strongly about this one. Broken into thirteen chapters Ray tackles many of the issues we see swirling in society by offering advice on how to nip them at the root cause. That cause being disengaged men who allow society to dictate to them how they are to approach their vocation in life.

“Our lives as and fathers, are much more than financial providers. The role of a husband and father within the family is a crucial one – one that at this moment in time is not reflected clearly in the eyes of a young man coming into the role.” One of the most common things pointed out is that young men are ill prepared for the roles they are called to fill. We have to do something to ensure the next generation gets it right. We cannot allow society to continue the downward spiral of this generation of young men.

What Ray proposes in this book is to offer them a tool box. “It’s one thing to know what a hammer is, and quite another to use it in a way that evokes beauty and strength.” Each of the books thirteen chapters concludes with a study guide that is setup for either personal or group use. Integrated with the book are social media groups on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where men can gather online to reflect upon what they have read. Once this is done its up to each those who have read the book to apply what they have learned and in turn grow in faith and take on the world.

“If applied, knowledge of the tools shared within, will bring peace of mind to all men, and to the family of the father whop journeys through his physical and spiritual life with intent, as he ultimately transforms the world around him.” I encourage you to add this book to your toolbox. We are at a crossroads. It’s time for us be transformers rather than lemmings blindly following where an out of control, morally deficient, society leads us. It’s time for us to Christ-like men who step up and lead. Ray Haywood has with this book and we would be well-served to do the same.

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